A 1981 Dean Koontz book predicted the strange occurrence of coronavirus

In his 1981 novel, “The Eyes of Darkness,” the author of Dean Koontz eerily foresee the coronavirus epidemic.

The fictional novel tells the story of a Chinese military laboratory which develops a new virus that could be used as a biological weapon during the war. The laboratory is located conveniently in Wuhan, China and is called Wuhan-400 as the made-up virus.

The virus is referred to in the novel as the “perfect¬†weapon,” as it affects only people. However, it can not live for more than a minute outside the human body and does not need an expensive decontamination procedure as it stretches across a population and its contractors.

It is not normal for the book virus to coincide with the actual outbreak of coronavirus.

Now, fear is being faced by the coronavirus originating in Wuhan, China. The officers of Disease Control and Prevention Centers announce on Thursday that the virus was presently diagnosed with an American evacuee of Wuhan in Texas, which is the fifteenth case to be identified in the USA.

CDC officials said that the first 195 evacuees were released on Tuesday but that the “over 600 people returned on the chartered flights from Wuhan remain under federal quarantine and are monitored closely to prevent the virus spread,” officials said. “These cases have a high risk and are likely to be additional in future, including those returning from Wuhan recently.

Two chartered flights to Texas and Nebraska were diverted from China from the Americans. There are currently about 250 passengers on the flight to Texas while there were about 70 passengers to Nebraska.

The first event in Texas is also identified. The other 14 cases in the country have been identified, the first in a Washington state man who has since been released from the hospital. Recent cases in California, Wisconsin, Arizona, Massachusetts and Illinois have been confirmed. There have been no deaths reported in the US, and China is still the vast majority of cases.

Overall, there were more than 50,000 coronaviral sickers worldwide and 1,370 people were killed.

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