Ashton Kutcher Speaks out on Demi Moore after the book has been released

In the book, inside out, Demi Moore left no unturned stone. Moore revisits everything from her troubled childhood to drug problems in the tell-all Memoirs that hit the shelves in September 2019.

She also details her rocky relationship and makes some unfounded statements to her ex-husband Ashton Kutcher. At the time the book was released, Kutcher seemed to vow to keep his wife Mila Kunis and her family quiet on Twitter. But he’s thinking out now, hopefully.

Actor Ashton Kutcher (L) and actress Demi Moore arrive at The Coalition To Abolish Slavery & Trafficking’s The 13th Annual “From Slavery To Freedom” Gala at Skirball Cultural Center on May 12, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

In a new interview, Kutcher opened up Moore and clarified her relationship status.

a quick timeline of ties between Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

As per E! As per E! Breaking, Kutcher and Moore met with friends in 2003. He was 25 at the time, 41 at the time. But the two were linked and finally fell in love despite their age difference.

Kutcher and Moore met by mutual friends in 2003 according to E-News. He was 25 at that time and 41. But the two were linked and fell into love despite the age difference.

“You talk about meeting your soul mate. I truly feel I have been given that gift,” Moore told Harper’s Bazaar in 2005 (via People).
That September, in Beverly Hills, California, the pair secretly married. The former husband of Moore Bruce Willis and his three kids were among the guests: Rumer, Tallulah and Scout.

Moore announced that their contract would last until November 2011. The news came just over 1 month after a woman claimed in September 2011 that she had an affair with Kutcher around his wedding birthday. At least she was the second woman in her relationship to make public the misleading allegations.

Moore shared a comment with E after confirming their split! News that read: ‘ As a woman, as a mother and as a wife I have certain sacred values and vows and I chose to go on with my life in this spirit. ‘

What did Demi Moore say in her book about Ashton Kutcher?

Moore describes her relationship in depth in Inside Out. She says things began to be solid, but over time it took a turn. Moore says she was at some stage starting to feel insecure and “entered into twists and turns to try to match the woman’s form[ ashton] wanted to be his wife.”

That included making his and other women threesomes. Yet it just exacerbated matters. The Threesoms ultimately led Kutcher to unfaithfulness, according to Moore.

“We put in our partnership a third party. Ashton said that the lines were blurred and that, to some extent, he justified what he had done.

Moore says after a while that Kutcher has decided not to marry her anymore. She was shocked and asked, “How did I come here?”

“I was treated by my husband, who was my life’s love, and then decided he didn’t want to work on our marriage,” Moore adds. Is life that? I was curious. I wondered. Because I’m done if that’s it.

In the middle of the book, Kutcher appears to have spoken out against the Twitter memoir. He admitted that after thinking about the family he was “about pushing the button on a really snarky tweet,” but he eliminated it.

In his relationship with Demi More Ashton Kutcher speaks

On Feb. 3, Kutcher appeared on the WTF podcast of Marc Maron and talked to Moore. He said they “don’t hang out” even though he’s a “good” relationship with the ghost actress.

He said, however, that he keeps his children in touch. “I am making a very conscious effort to keep in contact with kids,” said Kutcher, remembering that he helped to raise them.

“And she was the youngest, Tallulah was eight or nine. When we began to date, Rumer was 12 or 13,” he continued. “Tallulah graduated from high school when we were divorced.”

Because he was very involved with them, Kutcher said that for the children of Moore he would always have a place in his heart.

“I love them. I love them. And I will never stop loving them, right?” Continued Kutcher. “And to support them and honor them, and to make them succeed in whatever they do.”

Although their romance didn’t work out, Kutcher and Moore, at least, remained cordial and minimized the drama. We’re happy to see. We’re pleased.

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