Earn $5 for FREE from Facebook

Facebook is going to pay users $5 to post their voice recordings, Thursday Facebook revealed. What’s happening The voice recordings are being used to enhance the technology of speech recognition on Facebook, as The Verge first mentioned. Users of the Facebook Viewpoints app for marketing research efforts in the social media giants could record their […]

10 Free eBooks for Linux Administration

All the books included in this article are collected from Internet Sources. If you think it violates any copyright policy, please let us know. The books or material will be removed ASP. These books can be used only educational or non-commercial purposes only. 1- Linux Server Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips And Tools A competent system […]

Samsung sends push notification ‘ Find My Phone ‘ to Galaxy phones worldwide accidentally

World-wide smartphone owners of Samsung Galaxy say they have got an unusual push notification “Find My Phone.” It looks as if the alert was sent inadvertently, similar to the way OnePlus sent the OnePlus 7 Pro owners a tricky push notification last year. The check at the end of the business was “assurance programs are […]

Tiffin-Seneca Public Library’s Community Read events announced (2020)

The Community Read of the Tiffin-Seneca Public Library encourages residents to read a single, excellent book every year. We have chosen a youth book on a similar issue so that every age can participate, and Community Read this year will focus on music and art. The preferred title is Steve López’s The Soloist. Lopez wrote […]

The upgrade to Windows 10 KB4532693 will conceal or even delete files.

The latest big Windows 10 update in the last year was relatively small and was less problematic than previous functional updates, except for some bugs. That was because the 2H19 update was designed for bug fixes and polishing by Microsoft. However, this does not mean that bugs will not be displayed in other minor updates, […]

How to read EPUB on iPhone?

EPUB is the ELECTRONIC PUBLICATION paper format published in 2007 by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). Using the iTunes sharing program, it was quite easy to connect ebooks to your iPad or iPhone on your Mac. Only drag and drop the book into iTunes, attach your iOS device and sync the non-iBook file via […]

Adoption of Ebook The steady transition into public schools continues.

Whereas laptop initiatives increased 1:1, schools have increased their purchasing and using ebooks. The stringent limits on ebook lending levied by book publishers are a big reason for this. Indeed, over the past decade, many trend-keepers have anticipated that ebooks would overshadow their counterparts in both the homes and schools, when they came up with […]

A 1981 Dean Koontz book predicted the strange occurrence of coronavirus

In his 1981 novel, “The Eyes of Darkness,” the author of Dean Koontz eerily foresee the coronavirus epidemic. The fictional novel tells the story of a Chinese military laboratory which develops a new virus that could be used as a biological weapon during the war. The laboratory is located conveniently in Wuhan, China and is […]

Google Chrome Protectors Reactions Version 83

Google today announced that the Chrome security (HTTPS) pages will gradually download secure files. It begins blocking “mixed content downloads” in a series of steps outlined below (non-HTTPS downloads started on secure pages). This move is part of a plan which announced last year that all unsecure resources will be blocked on protected pages. Files […]