Examinations stressed? You can stay calm and continue with this free e-book

Manoj Chandran of the White Swan Foundation talks about their new e-book to help students better handle stress.

Akash is a 10th grader who gets ready for the dreaded examinations of the board. Even though the preparatory exams have been tried and logically prepared, he does not have the capacity to handle the stress involved. The majority of stress can be prevented or handled in making the right decisions, says the CEO of the White Swan Foundation in Mental Health, Manoj Chandran. To help students understand this better, an e-book called Managing Exam Stress was recently published. “The pattern of tests is considered as challenging and students are continuously pressured to perform better in exams, but they do not have the skills to cope with this situation.,” he says. Most times, parents or peer groups don’t necessarily make the recommendations on stress management. We have therefore concluded that we have to include details about how this e-book manages review tension. It will certainly help students reduce stress and create a competitive spirit to face the tests.

It’s easy to read and understand this 300-page ebook. Section A speaks about daily and chronic stress and the harmful impact on the student’s mind and body. It contains four different sections-A, B, C, D. Section B focuses on the need for parents ‘ assistance and the importance of sharing with them your thoughts.

It also represents the significant change in physical, emotional and behavioral behaviour. Once section C rolls around the booklet, the children will be more involved because all of this section involves the setting of goals, why different study strategies and so on are relevant. While the last one, section D, concerns different types of training, during these important study hours students must undertake to relax. It also illustrates shockingly certain of the traditional “fraud” tests people perform, such as cracking a cocoon, praying to authors, wearing a sacred thread and so on.

To download the book free of charge, visit this link

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