Sales of the children’s books of Kobe Bryant have risen since his death

The Kobe Bryant children’s books began to write and produce after his retirement became famous after he died. In fact, the top three slots in the Children’s Middle Grade Hardcover of New York Times have included three books produced by Bryant’s publication firm Granity Studios.

The top spot on the list is Epoca: The Tree Of Ecrof, with ‘ Legacy And The Queen, ‘ the second and third place are ‘ The Wizenard: Training Camps. ‘

Bryant has also been the author of Amazon’s novel, “The Mamba Mentality: Why I Play.” The book was published in 2018 and details his offensive approach to the basketball game.

According to an interview conducted in 2018 by the Associated press, Bryant described the urge to “combine education with motivation and create ideas of how children experience themselves when they play a sight.”

He crashed on a hillside in Calabasas, California, on Jan. 26. Bryant, his 13-year old daughter Gianna, and seven others were tragically killed. At that time it was at a basketball tournament in Thousand Oaks, California at the Mamba Sports Academy.

Bryant has been with Los Angeles Lakers all 20 of his NBA seasons and has participated in several projects other than basketball. Bryant has also won an Academy Award for his animated “Dear Basketball” in 2018, in addition to his participation in the children’s books.

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