iHeartRadio turns podcasts into books now

The radio station service iHeartMedia, which is now being moved to podcasts, is now expanding into the book business. Yesterday, the company introduced to Flatiron Books a four-book take care of its Stuff You Should Know podcast collection. This autumn is the release of the new ebook, “Everything You Should To Know: An Incomplete Compendium […]

10 Free eBooks for Linux Administration

All the books included in this article are collected from Internet Sources. If you think it violates any copyright policy, please let us know. The books or material will be removed ASP. These books can be used only educational or non-commercial purposes only. 1- Linux Server Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips And Tools A competent system […]

Adoption of Ebook The steady transition into public schools continues.

Whereas laptop initiatives increased 1:1, schools have increased their purchasing and using ebooks. The stringent limits on ebook lending levied by book publishers are a big reason for this. Indeed, over the past decade, many trend-keepers have anticipated that ebooks would overshadow their counterparts in both the homes and schools, when they came up with […]

Examinations stressed? You can stay calm and continue with this free e-book

Manoj Chandran of the White Swan Foundation talks about their new e-book to help students better handle stress. Akash is a 10th grader who gets ready for the dreaded examinations of the board. Even though the preparatory exams have been tried and logically prepared, he does not have the capacity to handle the stress involved. […]

React Mobile’s latest eBook provides insight into hotel safety measures and policies

React Mobile announced the release of its informative eBook today. Panic Buttons are the # 1 Must-Have Hospitality Safety Technology. React Mobile is committed to ensuring hotel security, including prevention and response to sexual harassment and abuse, in compliance with the new legislation on enhanced standards and the AHLA 5-Star commitment that hotel workers across […]

5 Benefits to publishing your work in eBook

Most writers are nervous at the thought of publishing their work as an eBook. There’s something nostalgic about a print book-it’s the smell of paper for some people, it’s just nice for some people to mark their progress with each page turn. Nevertheless, eBooks become quickly more popular as a self-publishing form. There are many […]


Retrieved from ECONOMIC FORECASTING – Alan T. Molnar Introduction The problem of increasing the frequency of a time series has concerned economic analysts for a long time. Nevertheless, the subject did not start to receive the required attention among economists before the 1970s, despite more frequent information being of great importance for both modelling and […]

Chapter 1: Get Fit: Why Bother?

Retrieved from Fiscal Fitness 8 Steps to Wealth & Health From America’s Leaders of Fitness and Finance – Jack LaLanne and Matthew J. Rettick Stop for a moment and think about how you feel today. Whatever your age, do you have any aches or pains, chronic illnesses, or limitations? Do you move around a lot? […]