Sales of the children’s books of Kobe Bryant have risen since his death

The Kobe Bryant children’s books began to write and produce after his retirement became famous after he died. In fact, the top three slots in the Children’s Middle Grade Hardcover of New York Times have included three books produced by Bryant’s publication firm Granity Studios. The top spot on the list is Epoca: The Tree […]

The Public Library of Los Angeles announces the Book recommendations of Kobe Bryant

A librarian of the Lakers Public Book Library compiled a list of books recommended by late Lakers, to pay tribute to Kobe Bryant and his love of storytelling. Bryant’s love for history and passion came to light as he completed his basketball career and started setting up a second act. Bryant won the Oscar in […]

ABC News suspends a reporter for a mistaken Kobe Bryant accident report

ABC News suspended the reporter on-air speculating that the helicopter crashed and killed the NBA star and eight more on Sunday were all four of Kobe Bryant’s daughters. The 13-year-old Gianna, Bryant’s daughter, died at Calabasas in an accident. Yet Matt Gutman, the national chief correspondent for ABC News, told Bryant’s other daughters on the […]