What happened to Kobe’s books after his death?

Bryant’s mission for the books was to “combine education with inspiration and build on the concepts that children undertake during a sport” in an interview with The Associated Press in 2018.

In the days following the basketball legend’s death in a helicopter crash, the books published by Kobe Bryant’s publishing business increased in popularité.

A trio of Bryant’s books will be in the top three slots of the New York Times ‘ best-seller lists for February 16th in the Middle Grade Hardcover section. “Legacy And The Queen” and “The Wizenard: Training Camp” will be on the first of the list. Epoca: The Tree Of Ecrof is to be announced.

For children aged 10 to 14 years, all three of these books were written. Bryant’s goal for the books was to “combine instruction with motivation and draw on the ideas that children experience when they play a sport,” in an interview with The Associated Press in 2018.

Bryant also went on to No. 1 in Amazon’s nonfiction list books this week, ‘ The Mamba Mentality: Why I Play. ‘ Bryant wrote the novel, the same year he won an academy award for his “Dear Basketball” ode to the game.

Granity has been the producer and the creator of ESPN’s ‘ Detail ‘ sports analysis category, which Granity has said would continue in the manner Bryants wanted—”using innovative education to inspire people to be the best versions of themselves. “Granity has also created a podcast collection called” The Punies “about a child playing sports with their family.

Bryant, Gianna and seven others of his 13 year-old daughter were killed in a helicopter crash on a hill in Calabasas, CA on January 26. The squad was on their way to the Bryant’s Mamba Sports Academy basketball tournament.

Bryant played in the NBA twenty seasons, all with Los Angeles Lakers and was chosen 18-time for the five championships.

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